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  • Murder Miners Game

    Murder Miners is a Fun, Fast-Paced, & Sandbox First Person Shooter. Build & Destroy the terrain while fighting enemies. Customize your Weapons, Armor, and more!

    Murder Miners developed by Morad Elbarmil
  • Freight TMS

    Freight Portal is an All-In-One ERP Web Solution that lets Automotive Freight Brokers manage Loads, Clients, Manage Orders, Take Payments, and interact with Carriers. Key Features include: Client Portal, Carrier Portal, and Broker Portal.

    Truck TMS by Morad Elbarmil
  • Miner Bot 2.0

    Miner Bot is a Discord Bot for the steam game Murder Miners. It adds interactivity between Murder Miners and your Discord Server. Plenty of Features to interact with Murder Miners.…

    Minerbot20 Discord Bot by Morad Elbarmil
  • Freight Skipper

    A Website for Freight Skipper, a professional auto transport company & #1 top rated nationwide auto shipping company.

    Freight Skipper Website by Morad Elbarmil
  • 24kConnect Website

    A website for a Software Development company which provides professional full stack development.

    24kConnect Website by Morad Elbarmil
  • Islamic Center

    Islamic Center helps you stay on track with Accurate Prayer Times, Sahih Hadiths, Interactive Quran, & Guidance Center. More Features are coming soon. Available on iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows.

    Islamic Center Logo
  • Alarm Command

    A Website for Alarm Command, Professional and Reliable Automotive Keys using the Latest Advanced Automotive Key Technology.

    Alarm Command Website by Morad Elbarmil
  • Capital Security Force

    A website for Capital Security Force, a leading security company in DC committed to providing top-notch security solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations. They have the expertise and experience to deliver the highest level of security services.

    Capital Security Force Website by Morad Elbarmil
  • Murder Miners Website

    A Website for an Action Packed 3D First Person Multiplayer Game with Very Positive Reviews on Steam and Xbox.

    Murder Miners Website by Morad Elbarmil
  • Azzad Portal

    An All In One Admin Portal to Automate & Manage Business Logic for GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards), Zakat, and ISFA. Developed for Azzad Asset Management, LLC.

    Azzad Gips Admin Portal by Morad Elbarmil